Welcome to the wonderful world of blueberries!
    Wash 'em and enjoy 'em.  There's no peeling, no pitting, no seeding.  Just delicious flavor
    plus good nutrition with only 42 calories per half cup serving for the "waistwatchers".  
    Enjoy 'em as a snack, on your favorite cereal, with ice cream or in cooking.

    Picking and Keeping
    Picking blueberries is a simple matter. Choose blueberries that are plump and firm with a
    light powdery gray-blue color.  Blueberries keep longer than any other berry.  When
    refrigerated - from ten days to two weeks.  Berries should not be washed until ready for

    Freeze a supply of blueberries so you can enjoy them all year long.  All you need do is put
    them in the freezer.  Dry Berries Before Freezing.  Wet berries freeze in a clump.  Dry
    berries freeze separately and pour out like marbles.  Put them in the freezer and in January
    enjoy Sunday breakfast with blueberry pancakes or muffins to remind you of summer fun
    and blueberries.
Bonnell's Blueberries