Status: Open
The berries have come back quite nicely over
the last couple of days. There is still a lot of
green berries but we are now starting to see
some really nice areas to pick - so come on out
and pick some blueberries.  This includes our
early variety berries but we are even seeing
some Jersey berries start to ripen up nice.

We also have a good supply of workers who
are ready to pick and help us provide the ready-
pick berries you desire - So give us a call.

The crop this year has been b
eautiful  but it
has been hard to wait for them to ripen.  They
are starting to ripen and we think
they are
going to be well worth the wait.  

We have so much enjoyed serving you for 45
years and can't wait to see you again.
Thank you all for  your business. We
appreciate all of you very much.  

      Bonnell's Blueberries
Bonnell's Blueberries

    Things to remember:
    We only take Cash or Checks

    For our U-pick business,
    - Boxes or Containers to carry your
    berries home.
    - We do have boxes available for a price.

    Our Farm is Herbicide Free

    - Last Updated: 7/18/2019
Indiana Blueberry Farm
U-Pick, Patch, North
Judson, Demotte