Status: Waiting on the Blueberries!
There is starting to be a lot of activity at the
patch as we eagerly prepare for your arrival.  
The honey bees have done their part and we
appear to be looking at a very good crop again
this year.  Due to the cold weather in the early
spring, we thought we may be opening a little
later than normal. But due to some very hot
weather in the late spring, we think we may be
back on schedule.  Please continue to watch
the site - Still hoping for a fourth of July
 Hopefully at this time, our earlier
variety berries will be ready - the sweet Jersey
berries would then be ready 1-2 weeks after

We have so much enjoyed serving you for  44
years and can't wait to see you again next year.
Thank you all for  your business. We
appreciate all of you very much.  

                 Bonnell's Blueberries
Bonnell's Blueberries
Waiting on the Berries

    Things to remember:
    We only take Cash or Checks

    For our U-pick business,
    - Boxes or Containers to carry your
    berries home.
    - We do have boxes available for a price.
    - Boots (No Need at this time)

    For our Ready-Pick business:
  • Only Call-In Orders accepted
  • (574) 896-5365
  • No Orders by Email

    Our Farm is Herbicide Free

    - Last Updated: 6/16/2018
Indiana Blueberry Farm U-Pick, Patch,
North Judson, Demotte