Status: Open
We desperately need your help. We still have
an incredible supply of blueberries here at
Bonnell’s. So whether you want to pick or just
call us with an order for blueberries, help us
get all this beautiful fruit from our fields into
your refrigerator or freezer.
It should be another
incredible weekend here
at Bonnell’s. The bushes are still heavy with a
lot of beautiful ripe fruit and we have a great
crew providing us with a wonderful supply of
“Ready-Pick” berries.

The temperatures this weekend will be in the
high 70's/low 80’s on Friday and Saturday.
This will be nice for picking especially in those
morning hours.
Right now Sunday is supposed
to be very warm, so come early or take it easy
and just order some "all ready picked" berries.
We are open 7am-6pm CST 7 days a week.

We have so much enjoyed serving you for 46
years and can't wait to see you again.
Thank you all for  your business. We
appreciate all of you very much.  

   Bonnell's Blueberries
Bonnell's Blueberries
Plenty of Fruit still to Pick!

    Things to remember:
    We only take Cash or Checks

    For our U-pick business,
    - Boxes or Containers to carry your
    berries home.
    - We do have boxes available for a price.

    Our Farm is Herbicide Free

    - Last Updated: 8/15/2019
Indiana Blueberry Farm
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